Toy Story 3 Operation

from Hasbro Games

Product Information

  • Toy Story 3 Operation from Hasbro Games
  • Part of the Toy Story brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

Poor Buzz Lightyear. All of what he calls flying, but Woody calls "falling with style," has left him practically falling apart. Buzz needs kids to help repair him so he can get back to saving the galaxy. Just like the original Operation game, where players take on the role of doctor and remove random things from various body parts, Toy Story 3 Operation requires kids to "operate" on Buzz Lightyear. They might have to fix Buzz's lazy laser or his crunched communicator. But they must be very careful not to touch the sides or they'll hear Buzz's laser sounds!

Toy Story 3 Operation is a game of skill and coordination. Sudden or fast movements will result in the laser sound, so kids must practice moving slowly and with great concentration. They'll love the challenge of the game and the great fun with their favorite Toy Story hero.


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