Sidewalk Chalk Maker

from Crayola

Product Information

  • Sidewalk Chalk Maker from Crayola
  • We recommend this product for ages 6 and up

What It Is

Tired of the same old chalk colors? Then get your hands on the Sidewalk Chalk Maker! This creative new toy puts kids in the inventor's seat where they can mix, blend, and create their own chalk colors and shapes. Simply combine the chalk dust with water in the mixing chamber, shake, and pour into the mold tray. In about 15 minutes, the new chalk hardens and is ready for outdoor action! Kids can let their imaginations run wild as they create big, bold outdoor drawings with chalk they molded themselves!

Take a walk on the wild side with the Safari kit or dive below sea level with the Caribbean kit. Each kit comes with six jars of chalk dust, two mold trays featuring safari or sea-faring creatures, and a how-to booklet. A deluxe Critter Collection is also available with 10 jars of chalk dust, three reusable chalk trays, and a how-to booklet.

There are many things that kids will absolutely love about these kits, namely the short waiting period for their chalk to be ready. In today's world of immediate access, kids' attention spans wane if something isn't ready right when they are. Fifteen minutes is a reasonable amount of time for kids to wait before they forego the chalk-making process for a TV show or video game. But kids will also love taking on the role of chalk inventor. Instead of just letting kids create art with the chalk, the Sidewalk Chalk Maker gives kids creative control from the very beginning.


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