Spy Handcuffs

from Wild Planet


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Kids love playing with toy handcuffs as they engage in all kinds of imaginative spy and police adventures. Traditionally, though, these handcuffs have been flimsy and limited with no real play once they're clapped on the "bad guy." Wild Planet has added a whole dimension of fun to this classic roleplay activity. Unlike regular handcuffs where the fun is done when the cuffs click shut, the Spy Handcuffs become more exciting once a prisoner is captured! In place of a lock, the Spy Handcuffs have a motion-activated alarm. Instead of tightening or chafing wrists in response to tugging, the handcuffs pop open, setting off a siren to announce an attempted escape! Kids can even make a game of getting free, just like they see in spy movies. Once cuffed, they can see how far they can travel without triggering the motion detector adding to the make-believe adventure.

Don't worry, parents. These cuffs are easy to put on and take off (there is no key to lose) so kids won't get stuck with them on. And at such a great price, these make the perfect addition to any young spy's gear collection.

This is a classic play pattern that boys especially love, and with the classic popularity of police and espionage shows, these add a new element of fun to the play.