Myachi Hand Sacks

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What It Is

What do you get when you combine a Frisbee, Yo-Yo, and Hacky Sak? Myachi! Myachi (mee-ah-chee) is the extreme sport that combines the fluid hand motions of Martial Arts with the full-body coordination of action sports. You can use any body part you want to catch and flip Myachi Hand Sacks-but there are no palms allowed! Free style by yourself or while hanging out with friends! There are hundreds of tricks to master, which can be seen online at There are also a variety of Myachi Hand Sack designs for boys and girls, from Rolling Thunder to Blue Beard and Dip 'N Dot to Valentine.

Myachi Hand Sacks are really fun to play with but they also help reinforce discipline, patience, and determination-all skills kids will need as they master Myachi basics and, especially, the harder Myachi tricks. While Myachi Hand Sacks are graded for ages 3 and up, Myachi is really more for an older child with more developed gross motor skills.

This is a great solo activity or played with in groups. Kids love creating their own games and challenges with one another. These fit easily in a pocket or backpack and are great for fun anywhere.

These have been around for a couple of years, and they're becoming more popular all the time.