The Kreechers

from Manhattan Toy



Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Meet The Kreechers! These unique hand-made, pillow-shaped characters are sure to be your child's new best friend!

The story behind The Kreechers is that they are an experiment gone horribly right. Scientists at a top-secret pillow research laboratory were tasked with creating "the ultimate kid's pillow"-both soft and cute. The scientists began cross-pollinating throw pillows with baby blankets and leg stockings. They spliced DNA from old sweaters and abandoned teddy bears.

The end result is that The Kreechers are made of a soft sweater-like fabric, with hand-cut facial elements, vibrant colors, and multiple textures, creating a lineup of 10 unique characters. Each character has a distinct personality that is clever and fun. Kids can choose their Kreecher based on the expression or attitude that most appeals to them! Maybe they'll even find a Kreecher that is just like them!

We're very impressed by the design, the quality of the materials and the price point. We think that these are going to find their way onto many a grown-up sofa as well as being a wonderful addition to kids' rooms.