Star Willow Stables

from Manhattan Toy



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What It Is

Saddle up and trot over to Star Willow Stables! This new line of fashionable horse dolls plays upon a little girl's dream of having her own horse. Each horse-Bryn Rae Trail Horse, Ellie Ann English Horse, and Leah May Show Horse-comes with its own hairbrush and unique saddle blanket. Girls will love brushing, styling, and braiding the horses' soft manes and tails. The collection also includes three accessory sets-Feeding Set, Saddle Set, and Grooming Set-that come with everything girls need for keeping their horse looking beautiful! Girls can even mix and match the horses and their accessories for more fashionable fun! Because virtually every girl goes through a phase when she's fascinated by horses, always depending on what she's been exposed to, this is a wonderful way to indulge that-without stable fees. Seriously, these are high-quality toys that provide an alternative to other types of doll play and inspire creative play.