Crayon Town

from Wild Planet


  • Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons 48 Pack
  • Big Box of 64! Crayola Crayons Christmas Tree Ornament
  • Crayola Comic By Me Comic Book Making Kit
  • Crayola Story by Me Book-Making Kit
  • Crayola Crayon Carver
  • Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise Purple Hazel
  • Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise Atomic Tangerine
  • Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise Ruby Redtooth
  • Pip-Squeaks Markers In Disguise Green Grinder
  • Cling Creator


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Get ready to visit one of the freshest, most creative, simple, and engaging places we've been in a while, Crayola Color Town. Color, build, and play in the world you create with Crayon Town. Crayon Town activity sets let kids create an entire town, complete with three-dimensional structures to color and build. The town consists of five themed collections-horse ranch, neighborhood, airport, construction site, and zoo. Each set includes Crayola crayons, coloring sheets, corrugate pop-up buildings, and accessories. Once the environments are colored and constructed, kids use the accompanying figures and vehicles to engage in their own imaginative scenarios.

But there's new use and life for the crayons, too. Use them to build different characters or pieces such as trees, animals, and other objects to populate your town. It's a perfect use for old or broken crayons, too.

The fun doesn't stop once the masterpiece is made. Kids can also play in the world they create! Free coloring sheet refills are available online, allowing parents to print more scenes for their kids to color and add to their 3-D town. Crayon Town activity sets are perfect for fostering creativity and letting kids make whatever they imagine come to life!

This is a remarkably creative product that will create hours of fun.