Hyper Blast

from Wild Planet


  • Aquapets


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Blast away boredom with Hyper Blast! Kids stomp their feet on the launcher unit to send the numbered balls flying, and then run to retrieve the numbers as quickly as possible. The game has a base unit with a central launch pad and a speaker that calls out which numbers to run to and pick up. Players must return the numbers to the correct location on the base to receive their next command. Hyper Blast can be played solo or in teams, inside or outside-it doesn't require a video screen or electrical outlet so it can be played anytime, anywhere!

Hyper Blast incorporates double-digit numbers and head-to-head challenges, as well as a series of speed games. Varying levels of difficulty keep the game challenging as kids' motor and number skills progress. The game starts with basic color and number recognition and advances to more complex commands. Team play is competitive in Hyper Blast, which tracks each player's time and declares a winner. The wide variety of games keeps kids interested and playing, and there are "trick commands" that can throw a little bit more interest into the action.

Getting kids active has never been more important. Hyper Blast is a great alternative to sedentary entertainment. It challenges kids' minds and bodies by giving them a physical and mental workout that is fun!

The game requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included.