Polly Pocket Roller Coaster Resort Playset

from Mattel


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Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

The Roller Coaster Resort is the coolest place to stay in the world of Polly Pocket! Packing all the fun and adventure of a rollercoaster into a deluxe luxury hotel, this playset gives Polly and her friends the best of both worlds as they relax in the coolest tropical resort hotel ever, complete with a rollercoaster ride built right around it. After Polly checks in, the continuous girl-powered coaster car carries Polly and the luggage cart up the escalator and through the tunnel to a captivating vista of the entire resort. Next, Polly can drop off her bags at her luxurious hotel suite before taking a thrilling ride through a tropical paradise and making waves as she lands in the splash pool. Additional water play activities include a hot tub and a slide from the hot tub to the roof top pool. And what Roller Coaster Resort would be complete without a lobby, restaurant, and, of course, a disco lounge where Polly and her friends can rock the night away. The playset includes a Polly doll, pet monkey, rollercoaster car, and luggage cart. This playset gives girls a fun new Polly Pocket experience!