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What It Is

Kids love to give back and feel like they're helping, and this line of toys allows them to help save endangered species while they enjoy classic play with a new line of charming stuffed animals! Conservation International and Tales 4 Tomorrow partnered to combine animal conservation with fun and games for kids.

Tales 4 Tomorrow stuffed animals come in a variety of endangered animal characters, including Bonza the Koala, Tartok the Polar Bear, Shen Si the Panda, Maanika the Rhinoceros, Tungar the Tiger, Jani the Frog, Tawa the Orangutan, and Cheche the Tortoise. Each 10-inch animal is made from 100 percent soy and cotton fibers, and product tags are made from recycled paper, which helps make these stuffed animals more environmentally friendly than traditionally produced plush toys.

A trading card comes with the stuffed animals that includes a special code. Kids (with supervision of Mom and Dad) go to the Tales 4 Tomorrow website (www.tales4tomorrow.com) to enter the code and register their animal friend. Once registered, the child will be asked to choose one of four Conservation International projects, which will receive a donation equal to five percent of the proceeds of the purchase price. The four projects include Freedom for Frogs (saving the big-eyed tree frogs), Pro-Panda Players (supporting panda guardians working to preserve wild pandas in the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake), Independence in India (maintaining tiger and rhino habitats), and Team for Tigers (stopping the trade of tiger parts and products).

Once registration is complete, kids can name their animal and play games to win habitokens that can be used to purchase items for the animal's virtual habitat, such as watering holes, plants, and flowers. The website, which is geared toward kids 4-8, also offers videos of real animals in the wild and Tale Mail, which kids can use to send mail to their friends.

This is a great way to get kids involved in eco-friendly endeavors and provides play complemented by information that is age appropriate. They get to play and have fun while also helping to save endangered species worldwide.