Rubik's 360

from Hasbro


  • Rubik's Rock & Roll Maze
  • Rubik's Mix-n-Match Color Cubes
  • Rubik's Twisty Stack & Nest Cubes
  • Rubik's Soft Cube
  • Rubik's Stack & Build Blocks
  • Rubik's Sort & Solve Puzzle
  • The Rubik’s Void Puzzle


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Take a new spin on a classic strategy puzzle! After puzzling "cubers" for more than 30 years, Rubik's Cube is back with its latest mind-boggling challenge, Rubik's 360. Made up of three clear spheres, players must twist and turn the outer sphere in order to align the two inner spheres and ultimately get the six small balls to lock into each of their corresponding colored pods to win.

This is more a mechanical puzzle than the original, but it's definitely got its challenges. However, players are likely to keep going as the intermittent reinforcement (that is, an average person can actually figure it out) keeps you engaged and playing. Nice design and a cool package make this an attractive gift for the gamer in your family.