Pixos Superstation

from Spin Master


  • Star Wars Air Hogs Remote Control X-34 Landspeeder
  • DigiPenguins
  • DigiOwls
  • Quick Cups
  • Crystal Pix Deluxe Sand Art
  • What the Face?
  • Zoomer 2.0
  • Zoomer Dino
  • Chatsters Gabby
  • Moustache Smash


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

One of the best new activity toys of 2008 is back for the spring with a new extended set that is the most complete ever for this growing brand. Kids can now make amazing 3-D creations including moving parts like wheels and hinges.

What's new in the set are 3 different 3-D design trays that will be the foundation for all kinds of creativity. The set comes with everything needed to inspire hours of imaginative fun.