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  1. I-Dog Dance Interactive Music Companion
    •  39.99
    •  8+

    Whether plugged into a portable music player or placed near speakers, I-Dog Dance will stand on its hind legs and dance to the beat of the music. Simply plug the I-Dog Dance into the headphone jack…

  2. I-Dog Clip Interactive Music Companion
    •  14.99
    •  8+

    Take this adorable pup on the go. Clip it to a belt or backpack, plug it into the headphone jack of any handheld music device, and the music will pass directly into the headphones. I-Dog features…

  3. I-Dog Soft Speaker

    I-Dog Soft Speaker

    from Hasbro

    •  34.99
    •  6+

    Based on the original I-Dog speaker, this soft adorable plush will rock out when plugged into a music source. The pup features a signature array of colorful LEDs on its face, which will light up as…

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