A New Online World—Try it Free for a Month

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time on the Dreamworks Animation online gaming site Kung Fun Panda World. Find it at www.kungfupandaworld.com.

The game was developed by folks who used to work at EA, so the game play is very elegant. The graphics are rich, and the play is highly intuitive with a lot of humor. If you have kids who are into this kind of game, they’ll get it instantly. If not, they can jump in and play without too much learning.

And because I like it so much, I asked Dreamworks Animation to let me introduce people to it. So from now until April 30, you can get a free month from TTPM.com and The Toy Guy.

Here’s all you have to do, using the code “time2playkungfu“:

Go to the URL (www.kungfupandaworld.com) and can either:

a)       respond to the screen on the right hand side that says “redeem a promo code now,” or

b)       you can hit “play now” and once you are in the registration flow, there is a place to enter the code.

Here’s the one thing to be aware of: You can only get one free month per computer because the promotion works based on the IP address of your computer.

Try it out. I think you’re going to like it, and that you may want to stick around and play for the longer-term. The regular subscription rate is $5.95 a month, but you can see if it’s right for your kids. If so, it’s a very good value for the level of play you get.

Have fun.

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