Zhu-Zhu Pets Nibbling Onto The DS

by Jeff McKinney

zhu-zhuI’m going to go out on a limb and assume that if you are a regular reader of The Play Forum, then chances are good that you have heard of Zhu-Zhu pets. For everyone that just stumbled across this blog for the first time, Zhu-Zhu pets are a line of robotic hamsters that have become the runaway, must-have, hit of the 2009 holiday season. With the tremendous success of the toy line, the next logical step for the Zhu-Zhu Pets would have to be video games and that’s exactly where these little robo-rodents are heading.

The game company, Activision and Cepia, the toy-maker responsible for Zhu-Zhu Pets, announced that they plan to release a game for the Nintendo DS/DSi next year (2010). We don’t have any details on the game itself but I’m guessing we can expect a Littlest Pet Shop or Nintendogs style game, where kids care for and play with the hamster pets.

We’ll keep you posted on the Zhu-Zhu Pets video game as more information becomes available. In the meantime, there’s just 14 hours remaining until we give away a Zhu-Zhu Giant Hamster City Playset on TTPM.com. Click here for our Giveaways page!

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