Xbox 360 Drops Prices And Adds Free Games

It’s like Fall 2005 all over again with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 generating some tantalizing headlines. First came the announcement that Microsoft was dropping the price on all 360s and last week the news got even better for anyone considering purchasing a 360 – free games!

The entry level 360, the Arcade version, which now retails for $199, will come with six games, including Pac-Man, SEGA Superstars Tennis, and Uno. Stepping up to either the Pro or Elite 360s ($299 and $399 respectively) will get you a free copy of Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda.

Even at $200, this is still a pricey toy so should you run out and buy a 360? That depends. If you already own a 360 and it’s working fine then no, you don’t need another one. And all you PS3 owners (what were you thinking?) this could be a good opportunity to pick up the system you should have bought in the first place. Wii owners, if you’ve got the cash on hand then you should consider buying the 360. The 360 and Wii are two totally different systems and you’ll find that you’ll get a great deal of play out of both systems.

All three Xbox game systems with free games should be in stores later this month so make sure to double check that you are buying the one with the games included.

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