World’s Largest Rubber Chicken Toss

This past Sunday, 265 people came together in Boston, MA to attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the “Largest Rubber Chicken Toss.” I am happy to report that the group of Rubber Chicken chuckers succeeded in their mission and will join The Most Tattooed Person, The Largest Hamburger and The Tallest Dog in the World on Guinness’ illustrious list.

The record-setting attempt was part of the finish-line festivities at the 28th Run of the Charles Canoe and Kayak Race where The Haywire Group, the makers of the hysterical game, Flickin’ Chicken, supplied the rubber chickens for the toss. The “Largest Rubber Chicken Toss” will go down in the history books once official approval is given by Guinness World Records; however, all of the guidelines and goals for the record attempt were successfully met.

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