World’s Largest LEGO Model in NYC


LEGO unveiled the World’s Largest LEGO model today in Times Square, NY. The model, which is a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter is part of a promotion for the upcoming Cartoon Network series, Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles.

The X-Wing Fighter at today’s event is 43-feet long, 11-feet tall and has a wingspan of 44-feet. It took 32 of LEGO’s Designers, builders and engineers 5,335,200 LEGO bricks to construct this massive model and about 4 months to complete. The model is 42x the size of the retail set available to kids and LEGO fans.

Times Square was packed with Star Wars fans for this massive unveiling. People can head to Times Square over the next couple of  days to see the X-Wing then gear up for the premier of The Yoda Chronicles on Wednesday (May 29, 2013).

The Yoda Chronicles is a funny and action packed LEGO Star Wars animated series. The story takes place during the times of the Star Wars prequels and follows the adventures of Yoda as he battles the Sith and Separatist forces. The first (of three) specials airs on Wednesday and the remaining two will arrive later this year.

The LEGO Star Wars Red Five X-Wing Starfighter (the retail sized one) is in stores now and you can find out more about The Yoda Chronicles at

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