Wii’s Free Internet Browser + Guitar Hero 5 Review

by Jeff McKinney

Early Nintendo Wii users had the ability to download an Internet browser for the Wii for free. It was a limited time deal and once over, users had to spend 500 points ($5) for the Opera browser. As of yesterday, that browser is once again free to download!

Don’t worry if you already spent the points to download Opera because Nintendo is going to make you happy with an equivalent 500 point game download from Virtual Console. Look for a point credit to your account in late October.

The latest version of the Wii Opera browser has some nice new features including the ability to view video. Perhaps Nintendo is working towards streaming movies through Netflix like the Xbox360 currently does? Stay tuned for more info if and when that happens.

Guitar-Hero-5Also happening this week, Activision released the latest Guitar Hero game, Guitar Hero 5. This new and improved edition is packed with new songs and features to turn your living room into an awesome jam session.

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