What’s All This Talk About PlayStation’s Network

You might have heard something yesterday or today about a hacker breach at the PlayStation Network so I figured I’d give you an overview on the situation.

The PlayStation Network is the online account component for PlayStation. It’s how PlayStation owners play online games, download content and access Netflix (among other things).  Last week, that network suddenly and mysteriously shut down and users were not able to access online content and info through their PlayStations. At first it seemed like a typical glitch but as the problem persisted over the weekend it became clear this was more than a Sony IT person spilled a Red Bull on a server tower technical issue. Eventually Sony confirmed that the network had been hacked and PlayStation Network users’ personal information, including name, address, password and login info had been obtained by the hacker(s). As of yesterday, Sony had yet to confirm whether or not user’s credit card info had also been obtained but chances are, it has been.

After learning of the hacker breach, Sony shut the network down and it seems that as of today, things are still unresolved.

As with any major hack, users are advised to be on the alert for suspicious looking emails from anyone trying to gain your information.

I’ll keep looking for more info on this situation and keep you updated.


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