Weekend Box Office: Thor “insert-hammer-pun-here” The Competition

Did you see Thor over the weekend? Apparently quite a few people did, which resulted in the movie taking in $66 million in it’s opening weekend. You can read Cynthia Fuchs’ review on TTPM.

Fast Five drifted into second place, taking in another $32.5 million and two wedding-themed movies (do we really need more wedding-themed movies?), Jumping The Broom and Something Borrowed, stole your hearts and roughly 13 million of your dollars (each) with 3rd and 4th (respectively) placings at the box office. The bird-brain adventure, Rio, rounded out the top 5 with an estimated $8.2 million dollars.

In completely unsurprising news, The Beaver, starring Mel Gibson, bombed by taking in an estimated $104,000 in its limited release showings. I think we have a Razzie contender!

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