Video Game News Round-Up

by Jeff McKinney

I’ve got a few interesting gaming tidbits for you this week starting off with news of Nintendo’s new and improved DSi unit. The next version of the DSi, the DSi XL will be larger and feature two 4.2″ screens, which Nintendo says are 93% larger than the current models’.

Here’s an image of the current model imposed over the new version.

The new larger screen should be great for older gamers and anyone else with eye issues that make staring at the smaller screens challenging or uncomfortable. At the same time, these larger screens will also make it much easier and more enjoyable to view web sites on the DSi. We don’t know the DSi XL’s price yet but it should be available in the US early next year.

Next, the Guitar Hero games have been overshadowed lately by the hoopla surrounding Rock Band but that doesn’t mean that Guitar Hero isn’t still rocking. In fact, Guitar Hero 5 was released in September and followed in the past couple of weeks by DJ Hero and Band Hero. Today we have good news for everyone getting bored with the songs on GH5. Starting tomorrow, November 5, you’ll be able to import 69 tracks from Guitar Hero 5 into Band Hero, or go the other way and import 61 tracks from Band Hero into Guitar Hero 5. Additionally, throughout the month of November we will see several new song collections become available for Download and play from Lenny Kravitz, KISS and Metallica.

Finally, good news for PlayStation 3 owners! Netflix will begin offering movie downloads via the PlayStation 3 to it’s customers. Unlike the Xbox 360, PlayStation’s online network is free, which means all you need is a Netflix account (even the cheap one) to download movies.

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