Twitter and FaceBook Coming to Xbox

by Jeff McKinney

If you are only using that Xbox 360 next to your TV to play video games then you aren’t utilizing it’s full potential. Microsoft has always been very outspoken about its gaming device being more than just, um, a gaming device and the company has steadily added enhancements that go beyond playing video games such as streaming movies to your TV from Netflix.

I learned of the latest new feature last week at the TTPM holiday event, where Microsoft reps were in attendance. Sometime in the next few weeks, we will be able to Twitter and update our FaceBook pages through Xbox. This is a great feature for gamers who like to keep everyone up to date on their latest game accomplishments but it is also going to be handy for parents who can’t always find the time to run to the computer. Now they can Tweet away in the living room with the kids in sight. You will need an Xbox Live account and your Xbox connected to the Internet with a network cable or wireless usb device to take advantage of these enhanced features.

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