Toys for The LEGO Movie

the-lego-movie-2014LEGO is creating a collection of movie-inspired building sets for the theatrical release The LEGO Movie in February 2014.

Inspired by pivotal scenes in the film and starring key LEGO minifigure characters, a collection of 17 LEGO building sets will deliver all of the The LEGO Movie action. Themes are expected to include fan favorites City, Wild West, and Space.

In addition to toys from LEGO, an array of movie-related product is also expected from other toymakers. Here is just a sample of what fans can expect:

• Books, sticker books, activity books, and movie guides

• T-shirts, pajamas, and backpacks

• Clocks and buildable watches

• Notebooks, journals, folders, pens, pencils and pencil cases, erasers, rulers, and luggage/bag tags

• Lunchbox, lunch set, drinking bottle, and storage and sorting boxes

• Video game for all major console and handheld gaming systems

The film’s release date is still seven months away. Until then, check out the newest LEGO sets available here.




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