“Toy Hunting”

By Jim Silver (Follow Jim on Twitter)

There’s a new radio control toy hitting the shelves, and this one will have people talking. It’s called Duck Hunter, and it’s exactly how it sounds. I first got a chance to play with this toy when I visited Interactive Toy concepts six weeks ago. There’s a radio control duck that flies around and you use your infrared shooter to first stun the duck, and on the third hit, the ducks wings will disengage and the duck will fall to the ground.

This toy is sure to be controversial. I’ve never hunted, nor will I ever probably. However, I got a charge out of playing with this toy as I enjoy most blasters and shooting toys. I’m sure many people will be offended by a toy that simulates duck hunting, with the duck falling to the ground after the third hit. We live in a country that has different opinions and views on many subjects, and hunting is one that generally has people on lining up on different sides. This toy isn’t for everyone, and it isn’t meant to be. Many people will think this toy is awesome, and many will be offended by it. It’s up to you to make your own decision for what’s right for you and your children. As they say, different strokes for different folks.

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