Top 5 Feeding Essentials

Picking the right feeding essentials to help nourish your hungry baby is at the forefront of every parent’s mind. And, the time between infancy and the toddler years means transitioning from bottles to baby foods to solids at the speed of light. But don’t stress, TTPM has got you covered. We’ve picked a few of our favorite feeding essentials to help ease the process.

Lollaland Glass Baby Bottle

TTPM Feeding Essentials Pick: Lollaland Glass Baby Bottle

Glass bottles are not just a trendy fad, they are here to stay. The Glass Baby Bottle from Lollaland is an eco-friendly option to plastics, easy to clean, and free of all harmful products. Its whimsical graphics in constrasting colors are an added bonus.

Squooshi Fill n Squeeze Starter Pack

TTPM Feeding Essentials Pick: Squooshi Fill n Squeeze Starter Pack

As your little bundle of eating joy transitions to pureed foods, we recommend the Fill n Squeeze Starter Pack from Squooshi. Use these reusable pouches to make your own baby food for on-the-go feedings. The animal-shaped pouches also add a bit of fun and appeal to mealtime for babies. 

Tiny Bites Food Shears
TTPM Feeding Essentials Pick: Tiny Bites Food Shears


Once your foodie baby has moved on to solid foods, parental instincts are on high alert for small bites and easy swallowing. The Tiny Bites Food Shears are handy stainless steel cutlery-grade kitchen shears perfect for cutting big people food into tiny bites for baby.

Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair

TTPM Feeding Essentials Pick: Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair

We can’t talk about feeding without mentioning the all-important high chair, and the Flair Pedestal High Chair from Boon is at the top of our list. This modern high chair adjusts to any height to fit at any dinner table, and can even be raised higher. But its most significant feature is its seamless design that prevents any food from falling into crevices, which makes cleanup easy and quick.

Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-Mat

TTPM Top feeding Essentials Pick: Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-Mat

Have you taken your baby to a restaurant? Trust us, it’s an experience. But the Explora Easi-Mat from Tommee Tippee can help you get through it. This silicone placemat suctions onto any flat surface and can be used as a serving platter. So while food might make its way off the placemat, no dishes will be sacrificed in the process.
Swing by next month to get the scoop on the newest top strollers we’ve been testing, and head over to TTPM Baby for more popular feeding essentials that didn’t make our list.

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