Today Show: Playful Family Fun for Easter

We are just days away from Easter Sunday, and while we all enjoy a few sweet treats in our baskets, making sugar the star of the holiday can backfire . . . big time. That’s why Meredith Sinclair, contributor to TTPM, has wrangled up a few ideas to help make your Easter celebration more playful and (less sugar-fueled) for the whole family.

After the kids have noshed on some jelly beans and half a chocolate bunny, get them outside to burn off some of that steam. We like the idea of a simple HOP-stacle course using items that have been hibernating in your garage all winter. Using things such as soccer cones, hula hoops, and pool noodles, set up obstacles for your kids to hop over and around—all while stuffed into a burlap sack adorned with a bunny tail and topped with bunny ears for their noggins. For a final obstacle, create a wall of bubbles using the Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Typhoon 2.0 to hop through. Grown-ups should be made to go through the course, as well!

Another idea is to turn your egg hunt into a more elaborate yet simple-to-do scavenger hunt.  Hide golden eggs with clues directing kids to various places around the backyard or throughout the house. Add fun signs (download our own printable Easter Signs here) to keep them on track, as well. Instead of individual candy-stuffed baskets, make their prize a wagon or toddler pool chock-full of fun new outdoor, active toys and games. Some of our favorites are Air Hogs Hyper Actives 5, Rabbids Invasion plush, Razor Jr. Kuties Unicorn, Nerf Bash Ball, Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast, Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker Mini Mission, and Sky Bouncers.

Lastly, we have a batch of easy crafts and egg-decorating ideas to get all of your guests playing together. Check out these craft kits from Paper Source that are both adorable and doable for even the most artsy/crafty-challenged folks in your family. Use all those leftover plastic eggs to make favorite characters. We used Sharpie markers, pipe cleaners, and ribbon to create Minions, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Monsters, Inc. characters.

minions tmnt

Meredith also shared a few unusual ways to dye those hard-boiled Easter eggs this year. Check out her Today Show segment for details on both the shaving cream and Kool-Aid decorating techniques. Don’t want to DIY? Go wild with PAAS kits and make animal print eggs!

Easter doesn’t have to be all about candy and sweet treats. Instead of downing loads of sugary Peeps, have a ball getting creative and active with your most favorite peeps, your family, this Easter season.

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