TODAY Show: Olympic Fun for the Whole Family

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are upon us!

Athletes from all across the globe have arrived in Sochi to compete in the most thrilling sporting events ever performed on ice and snow. While it’s always fun to gather ‘round the TV and watch with your family, this year why not get everyone a little more engaged? Meredith Sinclair visited the Today show this morning to share some simple and fun ways to help you hold a winter games right in your own backyard or family room.

The Opening Ceremonies begin tonight, and we’ve got you covered from start to finish.  On your mark…get set…PLAY!

Before the Games

To get the kids excited to participate in their own family Olympics, split everyone into different teams/countries and create team T-shirts. Use a crafting kit or stencils and fabric paint to design T-shirts so everyone has a team uniform ahead of the actual games.


Once the team T-shirts are created, use these printable flag coloring pages of all the participating countries to hang up as a garland for the games. Include a big globe or world map nearby to help you and your family talk about and discover where all of the athletes are coming from.





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After the Games

After your own version of the Olympic Games is over, create your very own “Winners’ Ceremony” by creating a winners’ podium using items from around your house and a blanket or tablecloth to drape over the items.


For this particular podium we used a trash can, Tupperware container, and a step stool. Have the kids cut out and decorate a 1, 2, and 3 to place on the front and you’re all set! Announce the winners and award them with a medal from any local party store, and for an extra touch, have them hold up a bouquet of real or fake flowers as their very own Olympic torch.

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