Time to Play: Halloween Fun for Kids and Adults

The boychild and I are all about Halloween Fun! Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved this time of year and so does the boy! Each year we both go in search of the perfect costume! This year he decided he wanted to be Spider-Man, which I thought was boring but hey it’s his life! This year we are doing a multitude of things in the spirit of Halloween Fun! I truly believe it’s the one-day of the year where you can get as creative as the family likes.

Here are a few activity suggestions for you and your family this Halloween Season:

  1. Trick or Treating: My son absolutely looks forward to putting on his costume every year. While, I realize trick or treating isn’t for everyone it can be a very fun activity for the entire family. I suggest everyone get in the spirit of Halloween, put on a costume and head out to explore all the ghouls and goblins in your neighborhood. While my son loves to trick or treat, I have a strict rule about him eating trick or treat candy. After, I inspect all of the candy he is only allowed a few pieces a day and the rest gets put away! Trick or treating gives us that much-needed family time and it makes the boychild happy!
  2. If Trick or Treating just isn’t your thing, I understand! Another fun idea is to check out your local Zoo! They often host fun costume parties for kids and their families.
  3. Don’t want to go out at all? Why not host your own Halloween Party or Halloween Movie Night? The boychild loves a good movie; just make sure it’s not too scary if you have little ones! For more fun, add Halloween Treats to the menu like cupcakes with orange and black frosting or popcorn mixed with candy corn!
  4. Another way to get out of the house for Halloween is to take the entire family to a pumpkin patch! Going to a pumpkin patch is tons of fun! Whether you get on a hayride or going searching for the best pumpkin, the entire family can get in on the fun!
  5. Lastly, if you are looking to get into some Halloween fun, try taking the family to a kid friendly haunted house! I know more than one kid who could use a good scare!

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate Halloween this year, make sure you celebrate with family and that you guys be safe!

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