Get Prepared for Winter

We’ve been lucky in New England with not having any snow yet but we know it will come. At the end of October I get prepared for winter so it doesn’t catch me by surprise but it’s never too late. When you’re not prepared, it can make snow days very long and stressful. Scrambling for snow gear while impatient children follow your every move is not fun.

Have these items on hand and mom and kids will be happy when it snows:
• Sled
• Snowsuit
• Scarf
• Gloves
• Boots
• Snowman kit (hat, scarf, carrot, buttons) they can hunt for twigs for the arms

Have these items ready for post snow play:
• Hot chocolate
Snuggly stuffed toy
• Fuzzy warm socks
• A fun family movie
• Popcorn, something healthy like PB on crackers

While the kids are outside, empty the dryer. Put their sweatpants and shirts in the dryer for about 10 minutes to warm them. When they come in from the snow, they have toasty clothes. Pop all the wet stuff right in the dryer and this will take care of dripping wet clothes laying on chairs and floors.

I sometimes have my snow gear ready and I get out in the snow and help them build a fort, snow angels, and a snowman. They always seem so surprised that mom goes to play in the snow even though I do it every year.

I’ve seen snow chalk and many snow toys that are now available, these will surly score points for mom!

Keep Warm and have a blast!

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