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By Beth Grund, Founder, The Fabulous Won

Today we’re talking kids and fashion, and sharing fashion trends from the past (vintage) into the present (modern). My idea of fun is taking what kids (and this means you little misters too) love to use – their imagination – and letting it go wild with fun, versatile clothing.  You can go from playing “Tea with the Misses” to “Keeper of the Gate at the Royal Castle,” then turn around, jump in the car and go off to the park.  No need to shed those favorite styles that are setting off your fantastic adventure!  Letting a child’s imagination and creativity flow with dress-up toys is fascinating to watch and build strong memories with.

Recently I reviewed a dress for my one year old, Alivia, from Right Bank Babies.  The fact is their clothing is a little pricey for us ($100 for the dress) but the styles and rich, hand-embroidered fabrics are well worth it.  Right Bank Babies’ clothing was created by a mother of two who decided it was time for fun clothing like what she wore when she was a child.  I have a dress my mother made me when I was little, a blue and white checkered dress with a collar and a white apron bib that tied in the back.  I, like the owner of Right Bank Babies, truly appreciate the fun designs from yesteryear.  I watch Bewitched everyday with my kids after school and I’m usually screaming at the screen when I see what little Tabitha is wearing.  Right Bank Babies’ philosophy is simple: stick with styles that surpass trends by creating pieces that can be worn alone as a classical look, or layered for a funkier feel.  Kids can wear the fancy styles anytime by adding a pair of jeans or layering on a tee-shirt under or sweater over.  Their quote: “Children live life with wild abandonment and we feel their fashion should reflect that.”  Throw on a pair of striped tights with a shiny bubble skirt and your favorite rain boots – kids’ style/fashion doesn’t have to be matchy or even something you would wear.  Let kids be kids…it only happens once a lifetime, make it fun! Even with fashion, it’s time to play!

I also enjoy the fashions and toys at The Pajama Squid for boys & girls ages infant to 6 years.  The owner of The Pajama Squid focuses on children’s imaginations and making those dreams come true with children’s books and fun clothing.

Currently, I am focusing on bringing the Alice in Wonderland creativity and fun alive in our home.  We have scheduled an important tea party that everyone must attend when the movie debuts in April.  The Pajama Squid is offering Alice shirts that are, in short, fabulous!  We are also looking at some costumes for the occasion from the Buy Alice in Wonderland Costumes website.  There are character costumes from $19.99 that will have your daughters and sons acting out the movie and celebrating imaginative play.

Bottom Line: All boys and girls can enjoy fashions that are not only parent-approved but child-accepted!

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