Time to Play: Educational Benefits for Preschoolers Using Tablets

In this technologically advanced society it’s no surprise that children as young as three and four are getting in on the hype. Studies have shown that children who have computers at home performed much higher in reading and math than children who do not have access to computers.

My 4 year old son is a perfect example of this statistic. Since the age of three he has been fascinated by the computer and tablet we own. Considering he sees Mommy and Daddy using them quite often, it makes a lot of sense he would show interest.

There’s an overwhelming amount of educational games and age appropriate learning apps that exist for preschoolers. Many of them help children trace letters, fine-tune motor skills, teach them how to spell, read, and encourage imagination.

My son has been reading since age 3. Yes, reading. He knows how to spell, write age appropriate words, and many other advanced learning skills. We have seen the benefits firsthand of a child using technology and we’re impressed.

I highly encourage any parent to take the time to show their child how to use a computer or tablet. If you don’t own one, there are many county libraries that offer computer access. Even one day a week can make a difference.

We of course limit the amount of time our son spends on the tablet/home computer. It’s typically an hour a day based on good behavior. It’s a great reward system tool and it benefits his learning in the end.

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