Time to Play: Choosing the Right Tablet for Your Child

Back at Toy Fair 2012, it seemed like just about every toy manufacturer was showing off a new tablet. Five months later, these tablets are finally starting to materialize. But just like with the tablets designed for mom and dad, the tablets for kids marketplace is already saturated with a plethora of many choices. So before you pick up a new tablet for your child, here are some qualities to look out for in a tablet.

1. Keeping It Real Tough

Make sure that the tablet you’re getting is designed to be rugged. Some kids tablets are built from the ground up to be drop-proof, and some are also built to be water or splash proof. Either way, these tablets are sure to take a beating, so the more rugged, the better and if the tablet itself isn’t built to be very tough, make sure that there is a tough protective case available for it to protect your new investment.

2. Accessorize It!

Speaking of protective cases, keep an eye out for a tablet that has plenty of accessories available for it. That includes accessories for dressing up the tablet and making it more personable for your kids, as well as accessories that can extend the functionality of the tablet – such as a stylus.

3. Android 4.0 or Bust

If it’s an Android tablet that you’re after, go after a tablet running Android 4.0 or 4.1, which are the latest mobile operating systems from Google. This way the tablet will be more future proof, and it should also run smoother.

4. Parental Controls

Most tablets for kids will come preloaded with some sort of parental control software. But be careful to look for parental control software that includes important features like time management, and the ability to customize specific settings for different users. This way siblings can share the same tablet.

5. Built-in Camera for Budding Photographers

Kids love taking photos, so make sure to pick up a tablet with a built-in camera. Some kids tablets add even more value to the package by having the ability to record video.

All in all, these tips should help guide you to making the right tablet purchase for your child. Either way, with tablet prices dropping, and there so many choices out there, there has never been a better time to pick up a tablet for your little one.

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