Birthday Party Planning Inspired by Pinterest

Pinterest and kids’ birthday party ideas go as well together as chocolate and peanut butter. I use this analogy since a good portion of my Pinterest includes recipes with these ingredients. If you’re new to Pinterest and can afford another online addiction, sign up and immediately create “boards” or categories such as “Makes Me Smile,” “Disney Noteworthy,” or “My Virtual Closet” to name some of my own. Since boards consist of pictures – it’s a visual playground of ideas on everything from what to make for dinner to activity ideas for your kids on a rainy day.

With my son’s 4th birthday fast approaching, the first place I began to look for inspiration was my new favorite online destination–Pinterest. Not surprisingly, a quick “kids birthday party ideas” elicited more inspiration than I could handle at one sitting, including this “pin” which led me to “Amazing (But Doable) Kids’ Birthday Parties” as the description suggested.

While looking for non-standard party themes, since this may be the last year we have before Star Wars and Superman take control, I fell in love with this surfboard theme. Pinterest, based on visuals pinned from websites and blogs, makes even non-crafters like me comfortable enough to re-create some of the ideas. As long as the picture is detailed enough, or better yet, leads to a link for me to purchase items directly, I’m fairly confident even without a glue gun that I can make it happen. There are plenty of ideas as well for users who not only have but embrace their glue guns.

The only issue for pinners is a high distractibility factor. I all but planned my daughter’s birthday in my head after finding this Chef Birthday Party theme even though it isn’t until July.

If one can stay focused and not overly re-pin (putting the pins on your own boards) getting distracted by other topics such as chocolate and peanut butter recipes, Pinterest offers a wealth of kids party ideas including a few other favorites I found:

  1. Superhero Birthday Party Invitation
  2. Robot and Rockets Birthday Party Theme
  3. Butterfly Birthday Pretzel Cupcakes
  4. Baseball Birthday Party Theme
  5. Harry Potter Birthday Treat Bags

Since my son loves sight words, I settled on a “Sight Words Party” using some of the design ideas I’ve gathered from Pinterest as well as a few of my own. I’ll be sure to come back in a few weeks to share the final theme. In the meantime, happy pinning!

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