Time to Play: Be a Little Mooch this Month

I have always… always loved this crisp Autumnal time of year. I grew up in Western PA, where this season meant a Jackson Pollock splattering of trees covering our rolling hills, Friday night football games (yep, I was that cheerleader), playing tag through the cornfields behind my friend’s house, ginormous heaps of foliage, and of course all things Halloween.


This glorious season is what’s kept me from longing to move to a warmer climate…even in the middle of our belabored, bitter Chicago winters. I would just miss Autumn too much. October in particular simply screams “PLAYFULNESS!” It brings out the kid in us all…if we’ll let it.

The hyper squirrels are the truest example of the frisky and fun vibe that is imbibed in this month. SO much to do, so little time, but those critters go about their business including as many frisky games of tag as they can muster. I kind of love watching squirrels chase each other.

And as parents, we have this brilliant opportunity to latch onto some of our squirrely kids’ playful spirits too. As they leap into piles of leaves with wild abandon…completely unconcerned with how dirty they are or the possibility there might be bits of dog pee lurking somewhere inside.

Or as they consume gobs of sugary treats without studying the calorie and fat content of each piece, and stressing over how many miles on the tread mill it’ll take to work it all off. Or as they dress up all silly and scary-like with the giddy goal of being as ridiculous as possible, with no thought of how foolish they may appear.

It’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? Either your playful, or persnickety.

SO I say, jump on in people! Let’s take full advantage of every silly, messy, playful thing this season has to offer. With my boys now 14 and 10, I know the days of mooching off their playfulness are numbered.

Someday I will give my left Louboutin to leap and roll and laugh with them in dog-pee sprinkled leaves.

(That’s’ why hand sanitizer, showers, and washing machines were invented)

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