Time to Play: 5 Unique Ways to Recycle Your Child’s Old Toys

Another wonderful holiday season is now in the record books, as we are getting adjusted to a new year and a new beginning. If your kids are anything like mine, they probably received a lot of toys from Santa and his elves, causing some organizational challenges in everything from bedrooms to playrooms. But the clutter of too many toys doesn’t have to stop you and your kids from enjoying their playtime. Purging the play area and making way for their new toys by recycling their old toys will not only make you feel better about your kids’ spaces, but it can also do some good in your community.

Here Are 5 Unique Ways to Recycle Your Child’s Old Toys:

  1. Non-profit Organizations: Non-profits that benefit families and children are great places to take your old toys to. Many of these places offer services to children who are in need by providing shelter and other essentials, and toys are a great way to make kids in their care feel comfortable while at the organization. The best icebreaker around is a toy that a kid finds fun, so take a box or two to a local non-profit in your area. They will surely thank you.
  2. Once Upon a Child/Resale Stores: Resale stores like Once Upon a Child give you money in exchange for your used toys, clothes, and baby items. Toys that are in good condition and in great demand usually receive top dollar, so not only could you get rid of old toys, but you could also make a little money while doing it.
  3. The Great Toy Swap: Every few months, my girlfriends and I have a Great Toy Swap where we get together and exchange toys. It works like this: we each take turns hosting at one of our homes, and we all bring the toys our children no longer play with over to the swap. We put all of the items out on tables and then each of us goes through them, picking out what we want. It’s an awesome way to exchange toys and unload toys your children no longer play with. And it’s pretty fun, too!
  4. Churches and Hospitals: Churches and hospitals are often in need of toys for their parishioners or patients. Gathering up your old or unwanted toys that are in good condition and taking them to a local church or hospital would really make a child’s day. Be sure to call the church or hospital first to find out what their policy is regarding accepting used toys.
  5. E-Cycle: If you are into eco-friendly or green living, E-Cycle Environmental is a wonderful option. Depending on your location, E-Cycle can come to your home and retrieve your old or unused toys to recycle them safely.

Toys are a great way to bring out the imagination and fun within our children, but too many of them may make your house feel like a cluttered mess. These five recycling options can help you bring a little organization to the massive collection of toys you may have after the holiday season.

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