3 Easy, Fun Travel Games

Ever walk out the door with your toddler only to realize when it’s too late that you forgot some travel toys? You could turn back, but then you’d be late. And nothing is worse than being the last mommy to show up to karate class.

So instead, try one of these easy, fun travel games that only require your imagination. No, you won’t get peace and quiet, but you and your kid will have a blast.

1. I’m Thinking of a Color…
This game is a simple, fun way to get your tot thinking about colors. Just say, “I’m thinking of a color,” then name three things that are all the same color. When your child guesses right, reward him/her with a special snack or extra computer time when you get home.

2. What Am I?
Animal-loving kids will get a kick out of this game. Simply give your child 3-4 clues about an animal, then let him/her figure out which animal you’re talking about. Hint at things like the number of legs or the animal’s habitat and it’s like playing detective without needing any physical clues.

Bonus: Use your smart phone to look up pictures of the animals after your kid guesses correctly.

3. Don’t Forget the Lyrics!
For all you musical moms, start singing the words to classic nursery rhymes or pop songs then let your kids finish the verse. If your kid is a musical master, have him/her substitute real words from the songs with silly words that rhyme. For example, twinkle, twinkle little bug, how I wonder how you hug.

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