This Week’s New Video Games

New video games arrive in stores and Online every week. Here are a few games coming out this week that we think you might be interested in.

Endless Ocean: Blue World (Wii. Rated Everyone 10+)
Dive into a beautiful underwater adventure in this sequel to the first Endless Ocean game. People thought the first game was a little too relaxing so Blue World has added more action with attacking sharks, sunken pirate ships and treasure!

Pony Friends 2 (DS, Wii. Rated Everyone)
Owning a pony has never been easier (or more affordable) thanks to the Pony Friends series of games. This second game in the series introduces all new features including the ability to customize the ponies and explore tricks, trails, quests, racing and much more.

Look for all three of these games in stores and Online this Tuesday, February 23.

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