The Benefits of Playing with Your Dog

DogThe last week of September is National Dog Week. When we became pet parents, it was a big deal. We had three kids, a busy life, and we loved to get away for a weekend. Much like having a baby, there is learning and adjusting to having pets around. You have to house train them, feed them, and take them to the vet. With a baby, you have to learn his schedule, and with dogs, you have to get them on a schedule. But did you know that playing with your pet is important, too? Not only because it is fun, but also because it is good for the pet’s family and the pet!

Dogs love to be active, but with our busy lifestyles it can be hard to give the dog and the family as much activity as they need. When dogs and kids don’t get enough activity, they can begin to have behavior problems. For dogs, they will chew on things they shouldn’t, such as your favorite piece of furniture or shoes. With your kids, they start to overeat, pick on their siblings, or sit in front of the TV for hours.

For National Dog Week, we’re going to avoid all of the above by spending a little extra playtime outside with the dog. When your pooch and kids get enough activity, not only are they in a better mood, but they are also more willing to listen and interact.

For your dog, there are additional benefits. When you play with your dog and it gets enough physical activity, you are helping to keep your dog agile and limber. As dogs get older, they tend to become less mobile, so it is important to keep your dog active. Physical activity also helps to reduce digestive issues, helps build their confidence and trust, and helps them sleep better. Most importantly, it helps keep their weight in check.

Being a pet parent isn’t always easy, but the benefits to the whole family in owning a pet are priceless. So always remember that a healthy dog is a happy dog and happy family!

What are some ways you play with your pooch and children?

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