Straight From the Mouth of… Parents

I work with a lot of parents and have reported on a lot of parenting issues that have conflicting points of view. Through both of those exercises, I’ve learned that there is no “right” way to tackle parenting…there’s just your way, and most of us are doing the absolute best we can. One of my favorite questions for parents is to get their #1 tip for other parents. The feedback always surprises me and reminds me that most parents aren’t trying to out-parent each other, but rather, that we want others to experience and enjoy the same moments we do with our kids.

My favorite #1 tips from other parents include:

• Get over any aversion to messes of any kind.
• Don’t Google everything.
• Accept help when it’s offered.
• Don’t patronize people who don’t have kids.
• As soon as you say, “My child will never”…they will, and worse.
• You get to make the rules…and you will make mistakes.
• Don’t compare your kids to each other.
• Don’t buy ¾ of the stuff marketed to parents.
• Take pictures.
• Enjoy it.

Got a top tip you think other parents should know? Share it here!

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