Spring Weather and Outdoor Toys

By Matt Nuccio

After a long New York winter it’s fantastic to finally go outside and enjoy some nice 70 degree sunshine for a change. I love spring; the weather is ideal and the bugs haven’t made their way out yet. It’s the best time to play outside with my boy. One of the biggest bonuses of having a toy designer for a father is that we receive many toy samples for evaluation.  I’ve been sitting on an arsenal of awesome outdoor toys for months waiting for spring to come.  All fall and winter I’ve been sitting and waiting to bring the surplus home and let my boy take a go at them. The excitement made me feel like a kid again. So with the awesome weather outside I brought out a top notch RC 4 x 4 (this baby is bigger than him), miniature Lacrosse sticks, Foam Rocket Launchers, Gator Golf and countless knick-knacks… you know what? … He came outside and went straight for a stick… go figure.

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