Slime Games to Keep Your Kids Playing!

You’ve bought or made buckets of this gook, but your kids get bored easy. Here’s some fun ideas to keep them playing and having fun.

5 Fun New Ways to Play With Slime

Slime is one of the hottest play trends today. Kids everywhere are making it, sharing videos of it, and making a delightful and, mostly controllable, mess with it. And Cra-Z-Art’s Nickelodeon Slime sets are encouraging kids to be even more creative as they create their slime-tastic masterpieces. Below are some fun ideas for taking slime time to the next level. With ideas ranging from the educational to the silly, you’re sure to love getting slimed.

Blow It Up

What kid, or adult, doesn’t love bubbles? But the problem with bubbles is that they all blow away. When you blow bubbles in slime you can hold them in your hand and turn them into a competition for the biggest or whose can last the longest before it bursts. This is the perfect way to bring this classic outdoor toy inside for year round fun. With just a few ingredients you’ll be well on your way to some bubbly fun.

How to play:

  1. Materials needed:
    • Nickelodeon Slime set (unless you make your own)
    • Liquid starch (1-2 oz)
    • Straw
  2. In a mixing bowl, slowly mix in 1oz of liquid starch to make your slime a little bit thicker. It should be stretchy but not overly liquid (add more liquid starch, a little bit at a time, if needed)
  3. Insert one end of your straw into the thickened slime, creating a seal around it with the slime
  4. Gently blow into the other end of the straw and watch as a giant bubble forms.
  5. After a few practice bubbles everyone should be ready to play
  6. Start the countdown “3,2,1”
  7. Everyone blows their biggest bubble ever.
  8. The person to blow the biggest bubble without popping wins!

Get Glowing

Keep the daytime fun going into the evening when you make your goo glow. With only a couple steps you can turn a typical game of catch into a challenge to save a magical glowing orb. Kids of all ages will be playing with slime all night long.

How to play:

  1. Materials needed:
    • Nickelodeon Slime (you can buy Glow In The Dark Slime here if you don’t want to make your own)
    • Glow-in-the-dark water color paint
    • A mixing bowl
    • Clear plastic DIY ornament ball (available at most craft stores)
    • Clear packing tape
  2. Cut the loop off the top of your plastic ornament ball (you can use sanding paper or even a nail file to smooth out any sharp plastic edges)
  3. Put your slime into the mixing bowl and add a few drops of the watercolor paint
  4. Squish it all together until the paint is fully incorporated (add a few more drops if needed)
  5. Open up your plastic ornament ball and fill it with your glowing slime, then tape over the seal to prevent leakage
  6. Let your magical orb ‘charge up’ by putting it under a bright light for a few minutes.
  7. Gather all of the players in a circle and turn out the lights
  8. Toss the glowing slime ball back and forth, if someone drops it, they’re out
  9. The person left standing wins

*You might want to play this game over a hard floor instead of carpet, just in case your orb breaks

Seek and Find Sensory Fun

Scavenger hunts are always fun but when you don’t have the space or time to hide things throughout the house, you can always play a scaled down version. Challenging kids to find the hidden objects in this slimy substance is a fun indoor activity. This is also a game that you can adjust the level of difficulty depending on the players ages and skill levels.

How to play:

  1. Materials needed.
    • Nickelodeon Slime
    • Add-ins of your choice (eg. tiny items like little toys, buttons, beads…)
    • Large/gallon size clear sealable plastic bags (1 for each person)
    • Clear packing tape
  2. Make lists of all of the items in each bag (make sure each bag is different, this is great for repeat play)
  3. Insert your objects into the plastic bags (be sure to put 1 unique item in each bag so that you can identify which bag goes to each list)
  4. Add your slime to the bags
  5. Seal the bags and squish the contents inside until everything is full immersed in the ooey gooey goodness (get the kids to help with the squishing)
  6. Tape around all sides of the bags to protect against leakage
  7. Have all of the players sit down at a table with their eyes closed
  8. Lay out the bags in front of them
  9. Set the timer for 2 minutes (more or less time depending on the age of the players)
  10. Say “GO” to have all players open their eyes and try to find as many items as possible before time is up (check off items on the list as they’re found)
  11. The first person who finds the most items wins!

Spooky and Ooky

Add a little spooky to your fun. This game is a gooey twist on the classic ‘try to figure out what you’re touching’ party game. With just a few fun items in your slime you can turn that ooze into ghostly ‘boos’.

How to play:

  1. Materials needed:
    • Nickelodeon Slime (1 pot per bowl) b. 4-5 small bowls (1 for each secret item challenge)
    • Blindfolds (1 for each player)
    • 4-5 secret items (eg. googly eyes, plastic spiders, tiny rubber bats, marbles…)
    • 4-5 dishtowels, cloth napkins, scarves, or bandanas (1 for each bowl)
  2. Put your slime into the bowls
  3. Squish in your secret ‘ingredients’
  4. Cover each bowl with a cloth so that no one can see what’s inside ahead of time
  5. Blindfold your players
  6. Have each player put only 1 hand into a bowl for 30 seconds, then write down what they think is inside the goo
  7. Continue down the line until everyone has guessed what’s in each bowl
  8. The person who gets the most right wins!

Inspire Stories About Gooey Galaxies

You can give budding writers some creative story telling inspiration. With just a few simple materials and some imagination, you can create your own worlds and the stories behind them. This can be a perfect quiet time activity for an individual or a fun group activity.

How to play:

  1. Materials needed:
    • Nickelodeon Slime
    • Glitter
    • Water color paint in black, blue, or purple (optional)
    • Glow-in-the-dark moons and stars
    • Tiny aliens (optional)
    • A see-through container
  2. Squish your materials into the slime
  3. Put your new galaxy into your see-through container (eg. jar, vase, fish bowl…)
  4. Have each person look inside their newly formed solar system and create a story to go with it.

For group play:

Have one person writes down the first sentence, then passes it on to the next person who writes the next sentence and passes it on to the next and so on until the story is complete

Writing prompts to get the story going:

  • How was this world created?
  • Who lives here?
  • Where did they come from?
  • Why are they there?
  • Is there a problem that needs to be solved?

Alternate versions:

  1. Underwater Adventure: use sand, plastic fish, fake seaweed, a tiny boat, and maybe a little sea monster for fun
  2. Rescue the Princess: use a small castle, tiny knight and princess, and a dragon
  3. Desert Oasis: add sand, mini plastic camels, a genie, and a flying carpet
  4. Fairy Garden: add in fake plants, glitter, mini fairies

*The possibilities are endless

With Nickelodeon Slime, there’s always an adventure to be had and a game to be played, all you have to do is

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