Sega’s Sonic Gets a Reboot With Sonic Boom


Sega is hard at work on a reboot of Sonic the Hedgehog, called Sonic Boom. Boom will include a new videogame that ties into a CGI animated TV series, and a line of toys from Tomy.

Boom details are still scarce, but we know that this reboot will give the Sonic gang a fresh, updated look and more prominent roles for Sonic’s pals. Tomy had some of the toys that they are working on for Sonic Boom in their booth at Toy Fair. You can see those toys now in our “2014 Toy Fair – Best of Geek Toys” video below.


We will have more info for you on Sonic Boom as it becomes available so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter, , for more game and toy talk.

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