SEGA & Sonic The Hedgehog’s Holiday Game Line-Up

by Jeff McKinney

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with SEGA for a preview of their upcoming game releases. Fortunately, we are going to see a strong number of family friendly games coming from SEGA later this year and by family friendly, I mean games that the entire family will enjoy playing together.

Up first is Wacky World of Sports for the Wii. This is a collection of 10 ridiculous and fun sports from around the world such as Furniture Racing, Tuna Tossing and Extreme Ironing, which requires you to iron clothes as you sky-dive. Look for this game in stores in late September.

Another sports-themed game is Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games for the DS and Wii. This is a sequel to the popular Mario & Sonic Beijing Olympics game and will bring some of Nintendo’s and SEGA’s most popular characters to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Games. Players will compete in quintessential winter games and have the option of playing with the Wii-Balance Board as a controller. Look for this game in late 2009.

Sonic returns in early 2010 for a madcap racing game in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. This racing game will feature familiar SEGA characters racing on tracks that run through the vibrant worlds and familiar settings of past Sonic games. The game is filled with crazy power-ups, fast-paced racing action and Sonic’s quirky humor. All-Stars Racing will be available for all current game systems in 2010.

Finally, Planet 51 is the video game based on the upcoming animated movie, “Planet 51”. The movie, from the writer of “Shrek” and “Shrek 2”, is a spaced-out comedy, in which Earthlings are viewed as the alien invaders on a distant planet. The game, which will be available for all game systems, will allow players to walk, run and drive through the lush world of the movie in various missions and free roaming game-play. Both the movie and video game are due out this fall.

I’ll have more info on all of these games, including exact release dates and reviews, as they become available so stay tuned!

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