Rumormongering: Wii 2 To Be Announced at E3?

It’s been an exciting week for rumors surrounding Nintendo’s Wii. Up first was the rumor that the Wii was getting a price drop in May, when it will go from the current $200 to $150. That set off a new round of rumors that the price drop was an indication that a new version of the Wii was getting ready to hit the market. The latest rumor is that the rumored Wii 2 will include a controller with an HD screen in it.

So which of these rumors are true and which is false? I have no idea but here is my sort-of-educated guess. The price drop is the most legit sounding rumor and we will probably see that happening on May 15. The Wii has always been the slacker in the graphics department when compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 and most game folk seem to agree that a new, more powerful, High Definition capable Wii is starting to sound like a reality. Additionally, a Wii 2 could be Nintendo’s big news maker at E3 Expo this June. As for the screen in the controller, that sounds unnecessary but really rad so I’m hoping its for real.


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