Rock Band, MTV & Pepsi Team Up For Awesome Contest

by Jeff McKinney


The video game Rock Band, Pepsi and MTV have gotten together for one of the coolest promotional contests I have ever heard of with the Rock Band Music Video Contest. Just make a Rock Band music video (a video of you and your gang playing Rock Band) then upload it to the contest website and you can win an MTV Moonman – the highly coveted award bestowed only to the music industry’s biggest players.

You have until July 28 to submit a video at which point, the top five videos will be selected based on originality, creativity, and viewer ratings. Those top five will then be online and viewers will vote for the ultimate winner.

Pepsi drinkers can also try to win free Rock Band downloadable songs for Xbox 360 and PS3 plus Nintendo Points, which can be used to purchase music and games through the Pepsi bottle cap contest. Just enter the code under the caps of specially-marked Pepsi bottles for a chance to instantly win music, games and Rock Band accessories.

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