R2-D2 Builders Club

Did you know that the R2-D2 Builders Club exists? It does! The club was founded in 1999 by Australian, Dave Everett. Apparently to become a member, you have to build (or plan to build) an astromech droid, which is what R2-D2 is. You might think that this must be a small club but there are over 10,000 members from around the planet (Earth, in case you were wondering) and many of them will converge on Star Wars Celebration Europe, this July.

Droid builders from all over Europe will bring their droids to the event where they will be available to answer questions about the club and hopefully share some of their droid-building knowledge. US members will be in attendance but they will not be bringing their droids because apparently US-based airlines are not equipped for droid transportation (for real).

Here is some more info from the official Star Wars Blog:

“Visitors will also be able to see a “Living Workshop,” where astromechs are built right at the convention. See how a droid is put together from simple pieces of flat white plastic, or see parts magically being created in a 3D printer. Of course, like all Builders,  the workshop crew will always be open to your questions.”

Star Wars Celebration Europe takes place in Essen, Germany from July 26-28 (2013).  If you happen to be in the area then, maybe doing a Summer European Vacation, then why not check it out and take plenty of pictures for me if you do.

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