Zoom-O Turbo Disc Launcher Review

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Editor's Review

How high can these discs zoom? Find out when you play with the Zoom-O Turbo Disc Launcher. The launcher comes with three Turbo Discs that can fly up to 100 feet. All you do is place one disc on the launcher, insert the rip cord, hold the launcher upright and away from your face and body, and pull the rip cord to launch the disc.

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We wish this toy had more consistent results. This is for ages 5 and up, and there’s a definite learning curve for young kids because you have to pull the rip cord pretty fast in order for the disc to get the right speed for lift-off. Even when you do get the right speed, sometimes the disc just spins on top of the launcher without flying anywhere. And other times, the disc just falls off. The few times we did get the discs to fly, they did go pretty high, and it was fun to watch, but overall, this was a frustrating toy. 


Launcher comes with 3 discs 

Easy to set up

Discs do fly high


Learning curve for young kids 

Flying is not consistent

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