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From PlayMonster, Zombie Chase traps you inside an amusement park with a janitor-turned-zombie, and the only way out is to find the key hidden inside the dark maintenance shed. Designed for ages 7 & up, this game is for 2 to 6 players. Inside Zombie Chase are a Game Board, 2 6-sided dice, 6 2-sided characters, Janitor Zombie, 7 stands, 27 tiles, 8 flashlights, 4 cotton candies, 3 zombie slimes, 6 manholes, 6 keys, and gaming rules.

Zombie Chase Board Game

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To win Zombie Chase players must find the flashlight, grab the key from the shed, and be the first to escape the gates OR if you are turned to a Zombie, you must infect the last survivor. Just a roll of the dice and the action begins. Players move their human player piece the number of spaces shown on the white die, then move the janitor piece the number of spaces on the green die. If you land on the same space as a Zombie, you’re bit! Cotton candy spaces are safe and the manhole space takes you right to the maintenance shed. If you do become a zombie, you’ll be on a new team and chase after other humans until you catch them all!

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