Zip Linx Hi-Fly and Triple Tower Blast Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Create cool chain-reaction systems with Zip Linx. These work kind of like a classic Domino run, except they are easier to set up – no accidental starts – and pieces launch up to three feet in the air for the finale. There are two sets to choose from. The Hi-Fly Set comes with 55 pieces, and the Triple Tower Blast Set comes with 109 pieces.

Each one comes with a special tool that you use to attach power bands to the Linx pieces. Once you have your Linx pieces ready to go, squeeze them flat to load, overlap the end pieces to link, and then insert and press down on the launcher key to start the action. The instructions provide suggestions for how to build, but kids can also create their own Linx set-ups.

Zip Linx Hi-Fly and Triple Tower Blast Sets

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Watching one of these sets launch is pretty cool, and we think kids will have fun creating all sorts of stunt-tastic set-ups. It may take some trial and error to get your creation doing exactly what you want, but at least re-setting is easy. We can see kids recording these for social media (with parental approval) and sharing their designs with friends.

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